We're creating a platform where content creators can safely express themselves.

The Plan

An inclusive platform for content creators to publish photos, videos, artwork, literature, and other content to share with friends, fans, or their respective communities.

Lewd is designed to provide the best experience possible, whether you're simply browsing, or participating in our worldwide community. We continuously gather feedback from our members to implement new features and swiftly resolve any bugs. Some unique features we already have planned include:

Discover with ease

Effortlessly grow your community with a platform built for adults; no need to work around searching restrictions on other services.

Profile and Content Topics

Topics allow you to more easily find profiles and content you're looking for. Each profile and post can include topics (up to three) for improved discoverability.

Personalized timelines

Create customized timelines based on topics(s), content creator(s), or specific words / phrases.

We don't assume what you want to see, ever.

Your content is your content

All uploaded content, whether photos, literature, or other media is always yours.

We assist content creators in protecting their content via DMCA request assistance, and advanced tools to detect if your content has been re-uploaded without your permission.

Privacy where it matters

We keep you safe by giving modular control over who can interact with you. Each post can be restricted to only you, who you follow, or everyone. The same goes for replies and direct messages.

You can also restrict interactions to just accounts that have verified their identity.

Designed for all devices

Lewd is designed to support all devices, whether a 49" monitor, a tablet, or phone, with proper mobile apps planned for additional functionality.

Monetization Late 2024

The best experience for creators and their communities.

We intend to build Lewd to be the best possible space for creators to monetize their content either by direct purchases, or enabling paid subscriptions on your profile.

Better Payout Options

Our platform will provide more options for payouts than others.

Depending on your region (and other factors), you may also have access to instant payouts.

Transparent Payouts and Fees

View estimated revenue and a complete breakdown of all fees.

Our commitments to transparency are discussed in greater detail below.

Keep Your Content Safe

Access to our advanced image recognition automations and creator panel to determine if another profile uploads your content without permission.

Effortlessly protect your content by letting our platform (and support team) handle DMCA requests on your behalf.


Accept, manage, and publish private and public commissions directly on the platform. Public commissions can be proudly showcased on profiles (as a gallery) by both profiles.

We don't profit off your commissions and only apply standard processing fees (as you'd encounter on other platforms).


No unspoken policies here.

Transparency is paramount to every aspect of our platform; from how we handle policy enforcement to our finances. Content creators will have access to complete breakdown of payouts and fees, including:

  • Estimated revenue (once we launch monetization)
  • Payment processor fees (we'll fight to reduce this over time)
  • Our fees (to keep the service running and fairly pay our small team)

We will also make the following available publicly:

  • Team salaries + bonuses
  • Infrastructural costs (servers, development tools/software, automations, etc.)
  • Charitable donations (super important!!)

Regarding our moderation policies, actions taken will be visible to the account owner at all times, including any temporary restrictions. Depending on the restriction, content creators may display this to their guests and community.

Inclusivity, Community, & Outreach

We wish to leave a positive impact on the internet.

We pledge to provide an inclusive, comfortable space for all. This means enforcing fair and open Community Guidelines designed to keep everyone safe, and either removing or minimizing amplification of content that can be deemed as harmful.

Shortly after our public launch, we intend to donate each month towards organizations and groups that fight against sex trafficking, support sexual health and wellness, in addition to advocating for human rights.